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At Sharlabo, we promise to take the "pain" out of insurance reimbursements.

Sharlabo Inc. is dedicated to providing cost effective mental health billing solutions that
are tailored to the needs of each practice. We strive to return the maximum allowable
insurance reimbursements quickly and accurately while maintaining the highest level of
compliance, integrity and ethical standards.

Sharlabo Inc. is a nationwide professional billing company focused on providing
outstanding services to mental health care professionals.  Our team has over 30
years of medical and mental health billing experience.  We work with each client to
evaluate their billing needs and to customize a service plan that will best meet their
needs.  The experience and expertise of our staff allows us to provide efficient, cost
effective billing services and additional services not provided by other "full service"
agencies.  Our clients can depend on our expertise and we are pleased to assist
clients with billing matters such as changes to government and insurance
regulations.  We value the privacy of our clients and their patients and handle their
information with care, we are HIPAA compliant.